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We’re investing heavily in the future here at Sainsbury’s. Right now, we’ve got 1,500 stores and 165,000 colleagues all working together to meet our customers’ needs.

That’s why we’re investing £130m into Digital & Technology - to drive customer focused-solutions both online and in stores, and be at the forefront of innovation in our sector. From delivering enhanced experiences on our website and easily accessible information via mobile devices, to creating innovative apps that engage and excite, we’re working to deliver the very best digital experience for our customers and colleagues.

Join us and you’ll help us to become a world class digital and technology function. And you’ll work on a diverse range of projects that delight customers and create value. It’s inspiring work in a fascinating business. One that’s moving faster than most.

Job Roles

There are all manner of opportunities within Digital & Technology. Click on the job groupings and see what type of roles might be on offer.

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    Enterprise & Solution Architecture

    Foundations for the future

    This is where we work out what the business needs, and how technology can make it happen. Our Enterprise and Solution Architecture teams provide the foundations and blueprints that enable Digital & Technology to deliver current and future solutions. They enable each solution to be developed with the whole enterprise in mind and benefit from any reuse and enterprise experience. Our work covers all of the technologies, systems and solutions that we deploy in all of the areas we operate.

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    Data Science & Analytics

    Find the algorithm for better living. Discover the patterns of progress.

    Looking deeper behind our products you’ll see there’s real beauty there - the data that makes it all possible. Data with a scale, range and richness that’s unmatched anywhere. And with around 1.2 billion customer transactions every year, the influence of that data goes a very long way. Every data-driven idea, innovation and improvement makes our customers’ lives easier, better, healthier and greener. It’s what we call, the patterns of progress.

    If you’re an ambitious data scientist or analyst looking for both freedom and resources, you’ll find it all with Sainsbury’s. It’s also an opportunity to make a dramatic, far-reaching impact on a major retail operation.

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    Delivering success for everyone

    With a technology programme of work exceeding £100m each year, Delivery is at the heart of every successful change, project or programme that makes Sainsbury’s great. Looking at governance, ways of working and what tools are needed to succeed, our team is driven by achieving the right solutions to support business needs. They work with different methodologies to get the best results, and to keep at least one step ahead of the competition. And with multiple projects running at any one time, we can honestly say that no two days are the same in Delivery.

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    Service Operations

    The heart of the business

    This is the team that keeps the business ticking over. Service Operations maintains the IT systems used across the entire business, and keeps them running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With teams based across the UK, from Edinburgh to London, in stores, depots and store support centres, we ensure that our systems are available for all of our colleagues around the business, whenever they need them.

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    Everyday evolution

    Our customers’ lives are constantly changing. So we must evolve with them, to match and predict their needs and the way they shop. Our Development teams are vital to ensuring that our technology estate keeps up with the changing ways our customers and colleagues interact with our business. And, with teams based in London, Coventry and Manchester, our experts are involved in everything from apps to in-store experiences, all the way to the core data platforms that keep our business running. They’re developing the products that will transform our industry.

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    Cloud & Infrastructure Development

    Creating limitless possibilities

    It’s all about collaborative working here. Creating the synergy between development, operations, communication and culture, the DevOps team facilitates the continuous delivery of code into production environments. They also monitor and empower developers to deploy without thinking about infrastructure. It’s all made possible by adopting and writing fantastic tooling, systems and processes.

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    Optimising the experience

    Everything we do at Sainsbury’s is designed to give our customers a better and better experience. So it’s important that every new development is tested by top notch technical experts, to ensure that everything works as it should, to reduce risk and enhance quality. From our online sites and apps to the systems supporting stores and depots, our testing, environments, and release colleagues work hand-in-hand with other technical experts throughout the business.

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    Product Teams

    Shaping the future of retail

    This is where the vision of every Sainsbury’s product takes shape, and where our talented people ensure that every new vision is shared with both customers and colleagues alike. With unmatched customer understanding, they nurture relationships with stakeholders across the business to ensure that product roadmaps deliver value and evolve through continual feedback. They make the most of their specialist knowledge of agile technology and business, to ensure that all new products and services are rolled out flawlessly and at pace.

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    Digital Experience

    Value-added creativity

    Our expert team of Researchers, Analysts, User Experience and Creative Designers work collaboratively and iteratively with colleagues across the business to craft innovative, beautiful digital products that solve problems and create value for the business and our customers. Design, UX, product, delivery and production - every one of these elements has a huge impact on customer-facing digital products. And it’s our job to keep finding new and improved ways for our customers to interact with them.

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    Information Security

    Securing the future

    It’s not just about making our customers’ lives easier, with new and quicker ways to shop online. With every transaction, it’s our duty to ensure the security of their data too. With expertise spanning the whole Information Security spectrum, our team reduces information security risk across the organisation, by delivering consistent, high quality security controls. We provide the assurance that enables the business to grow and take new, innovative directions. It’s all about protecting customer and business data, ensuring that security is built in, rather than bolted on.


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